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Ivory ReloadIt Scam - 775-301-2371 - Do not fall for scams online people do your research!

Good Evening This Ivory From Reloadit & It's Big Money Tuesday November 24, 2015. I'm Working Till 9:30 Tonight. All Week Long We Have A $175, $185, $195, $210, $250, $310, $350, $410, $450 & $500 Dollars Thanksgiving Scam Free Test Trial. Please Don't Be Skeptical About Flipping Your Hard Earned Cash With The Reloadit Team. No Green dot, Vanilla Packs, Bank Accounts Or Personal Information Needed. For More Information Call Mr. Ivory Now @ 775-301-2371. I Promise You Trust In The Lord & You Will Get Paid Today. Last But Not Least This Is Not A Scam Or Will We Take From People.

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Can u check this one out for me on instagram to see if its real,,, ➡CASHINTIMEFORTHEHOLIDAYS

LOL scam – Come on now. If they could really flip money why would they tell a stranger? Wouldn’t you do it with your friends and family? They don’t have $200? Once you send them money you get blocked from their Instagram and phone. They are just using a google voice number and probably have someone picking up the money with a fake ID. Cops won’t go after it 2 much because it’s such a low amount and it’s over State lines most likely so it would be a federal case. Feds don’t chase little money they only want big crooks.

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SEO broken down in a Paragraph

One-Way Achor Text Backlinks If website A links to website B with an anchor text backlink and website B does not link back to website A, then you have an one-way anchor text backlink. One-way anchor text backlinks are sought out by SEOs because PageRank juice flows one one domain to another. It is believed that the more one-way anchor text backlinks a web page has from websites with high PageRank, the better they will rank on search engines.