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SEO in Orlando beats out SEOWorks for I-Drive Orlando Search Engine Optimization Placement for much less!

If you take a look at the following results you will see the company that we do Orlando SEO work for is I-Drive Orlando which operates at http://www.I-DriveOrlando.com and http://www.IDriveOrlando.com. The former IDriveOrlando.com URL was getting a lot of bad back links, so instead of trying to fix that they just redirected the IDriveOrlando.com to the I-DriveOrlando.com and are seeing some good results in less than a year.

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orlandoseoconsultant.net - Orlando SEO and Web Design Since 1997? GIve me a break!

If you google "orlando seo" you will notice the www.orlandoseoconsultant.net comes up high. The meta tags though say they have been doing it since 1997. Give me a break! You saying if you did this since 1997 you would have the .net? Why not the .com if you been doing it since 1997? I would not even be quick to speak about doing stuff since 1997 in search engine optimization. I mean the web bubble was in 1999. I am pretty sure if I was old enough to know about the web in 1997 I would be a .com millionaire.

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Speakeasymarketinginc.com - Marketing For Lawyers - Is It A Scam? Case Study of CapersLaw.com

We recently did a website for Glen Capers at www.CapersLaw.com. Gave him a great website for next to nothing because he was referred to us from a friend. Like most small business owners they are never happy and want more results. Mr. Capers did not give us a chance to give him search engine optimization; however, we specialize in this sort of thing. If you google "Orlando SEO") you will notice our website near the top. And you can look at our portfolio for businesses that we helped.

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thinkbizsolutions.com - another india seo scam company

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seoesteem.com - Another Scam SEO Company Spamming Contact Forms

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