instagram scams

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Can u check this one out for me on instagram to see if its real,,, ➡CASHINTIMEFORTHEHOLIDAYS

LOL scam – Come on now. If they could really flip money why would they tell a stranger? Wouldn’t you do it with your friends and family? They don’t have $200? Once you send them money you get blocked from their Instagram and phone. They are just using a google voice number and probably have someone picking up the money with a fake ID. Cops won’t go after it 2 much because it’s such a low amount and it’s over State lines most likely so it would be a federal case. Feds don’t chase little money they only want big crooks.

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I saw this company - trolling on Instagram talking about getting real followers. Ask them who they have helped? Are they just buying fake follows from If they are so good how come their own instagram follows 6000 people and only 700 back? It's ridiculous companies like this. Don't fall victim to these scams. If you want cheap fake followers it's $5 a gig on If you want real one's only one way to get those, and I have the secret sauce.